We Solve Data General Problems.

Contact us if you have a Data General or Rolm problem.  For example, we can directly run AOS/VS, AOS/VS II, RDOS and your current MV, Eclipse and Nova application programs on Windows or Linux.  It's simple, quick, cost effective, and virtually riskless with our virtual machine software technology  -  and backed by over forty-seven years of DG expertise.



  • We upgrade MV, Eclipse, Nova and Rolm systems to Windows and Linux.
  • We create on-time, on-budget solutions  world-wide - from classified embedded military systems to  multi-national business systems with thousands of users.
  • We combine unique advanced-technology software virtualization tools with over 47 years of DG experience to provide maximum benefit with minimum risk.


  • Directly run Nova, Eclipse and MV programs without modification on Windows and Linux with our software virtual machine tools.
  • Run DG COBOL programs on modern platforms with our ICOBOL and VS/COBOL compilers and runtimes.
  • Run DG Sort/Merge programs with our WH/Sort product - a superset of the DG utility.
  •  Tackle challenging embedded system hardware problems with our Nova FPGA IP tools.


  • Support current DG systems.
  • Media migration.
  • Data recovery.
  • Program development.
  • Technology integration.
  • Current application extension.
  • System surveys and technology assessments.


Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc. has provided Data General-related solutions to clients world-wide for over 46 years. And our people have worked with DG systems even longer. Let our guaranteed solutions move your DG investment to modern open systems.